• Always use HABANAYO

    Thank you very much.

    Sister store's

    Bistro couscous meat is proud of

    It is a dining bar.

    Always fish at Habe Nooya

    Those who are enjoying

    Meat the bistro couscous meat

    Please come by all means.

  • Brilliant spare rib

    Boned spareribs with bones looks amazing!

    Easiness to eat is outstanding ☆

    1490 yen (excluding tax)

    Half size is also available.

    790 yen (excluding tax)

  • Course with steak

    ◇ Three appetizers served

    ◇ Chef's Recommended Salad

    ◇ Three seafood seafood carpaccio

    ◇ 1 pound sirloin steak

    ※ 1 pound (450 g) for 4 to 5 people

    ◇ Anchovy potato

    Deep-fried Mexicali ◇

    ◇ Dining crepe

    ◇ Seasonal Sorbet

    ◆ All kinds of drinks with 2 hour drinks all-you-can-eat

    I want to eat more meat!

    For those who

    Course with 1 kilometer steak (6000 yen) also

    I prepared it.

    Other course from 3500 yen

    I prepared it.

  • Bistro couscous located opposite Mega Don Quixote Katsuta branch.

    There is no other dyning bar that you can enjoy drinking and casual drinking at Katsuta.

  • High ball which picked fruit in maker's mark is one cup which I can not drink easily in Ibaraki. A fruity scent is also recommended for those who do not normally drink highballs.

  • How about crepe after drinking? Only bistro couscous can enjoy enjoying crepe without parfait!

  • For further information please see Hot Pepper.

    Hot Pepper Gourmet

    Bistro couscous

    TEL: 029-212-3154

    Both Haba Nooya and Bistro couscous are also accepting 24 hours net reservation!